What exactly do we inspect?


Structural Components

Including foundation, columns, piers, floors, walls, ceilings and roofs.


Including wall cladding, flashing, grading, driveways, walks, entry doors, windows, garage doors and operators, decks, stoops, steps, porches, railings, soffits, fascias, eaves,  vegetation,  drainage, patios, and retaining walls.


Including roof coverings, skylights, chimneys, roof drainage systems, roof penetrations and flashing.


Including interior water supply, distribution systems, drain and waste and vent piping, hot water systems, fuel storage distribution systems and sump pumps.


Including service entrance conductors, service and grounding equipment, main and distribution panels, main and branchover current devices, amperage, voltage ratings and compatibility, branch circuits, polarity and grounding of receptacles, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, switches, GFCI’s, and smoke detectors.


Including permanently installed heating systems, heating equipment, normal operating controls, automatic safety controls, chimneys, flues, vents, distribution system, solid fuel heating devices, and the presence of an installed heat source in each room.

Air Conditioning

Including permanently installed central air conditioning, through wall units, cooling and air handling equipment, normal operating controls and distribution system.

Insulation and Ventilation

Including insulation, vapor barriers, ventilation of attic and foundation areas, kitchen, bathroom and laundry venting systems, exhaust and attic fans.

Built-in Appliances

Including dishwasher, range, oven, cook top, trash compactor, garbage disposal, ventilation equipment, and permanently installed microwave ovens.


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