Hiring a Home Inspector before closing the sale of what could be your biggest investment is not an option. Examining the overall condition of your new home will prove to be extremely important.

It’s not as simple as having a mechanic look over a used car before you buy it. You need someone you can trust that has the experience to find hidden and potential problem before they become yours…


A licensed home inspector will look for defects in the building’s plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling systems. He’ll inspect physical components, such as the roof, windows, doors, and foundation. A good home inspector will even report on

the condition of floor surfaces and paint, detect pest infestations or dry rot and other structural damage. He will examine the property around the home for potential problems with drainage, retaining walls and grading, even landscaping that might affect the home or foundation.


Certified Home Inspector in Durham NC: Home Inspection of NC

Certified Home Inspector in Durham NC: Home Inspection of NC

If the seller provides you with their own inspection report, it’s still best to get you own. The seller may not have hired a licensed home inspector, and you have no way to confirm they’re credentials. Remember, they are hoping to sell their home and may not want to divulge certain imperfections.

In North Carolina, sellers generally do not have any legal obligation to disclose the condition or flaws of their property. However, sellers may not conceal a major defect about their property or fraudulently misrepresent the property in any material way., Under certain circumstances, sellers may have a duty to disclose a specific defect about the property that they know exists, and that the buyer might not discover with the examination of a home inspection.

But keep in mind– sometimes a seller doesn’t know about problems with the house or won’t honestly disclose them. (Sometimes they’ve simple forgotten about them) The home owner’s inspection is useful to hand to your own inspector so he can follow-up on known issues.

In most cases, residential property sellers in North Carolina must provide a Residential Property and Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement (Disclosure Statement) to potential buyers before they make an offer. The form used by the seller is mandated by state law. A copy of the Disclosure Statement is available on the web site of the NC Real Estate Commission here

It’s perfectly normal to have a number of issues when purchasing a new or “Pre-owned” home. But you want to go in with your eyes wide open and with a better understanding of any additional expenses you may incur in the future. Your home inspection is also a valuable negotiating tool and will often prompt the seller to reduce their selling price to reflect your repair costs.

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